English Language Arts

Reading and Literature

¨ Listen to a wide variety of age appropriate literature

read aloud.

¨ Develop familiarity with the forms of alphabet

letters, awareness of print, and letter forms.


Number Sense

¨ Use concrete objects to solve simple addition and

subtraction problems using comparative language

(more than, fewer than, same number of).

¨ Observe and manipulate concrete examples of

whole and half.

Science & Technology/Engineering

Earth and Space Sciences

¨ Compare and contrast natural materials such as

water, rocks, soil, and living organisms using

descriptive language.

¨ Explore and discuss what air is or does (air takes up

space inside bubbles and beach balls; air can

move things; air can support  things such as

parachutes and kites).

History and Social Science

¨ Engage in activities that build understanding of

words for location and direction.

¨ Construct and describe simple maps of their

immediate neighborhood.

Health Education

Physical Development

¨ Alternate the left and right sides of the body and

cross the midline of the body.

¨ Build upper body strength and stability to gain

controlled  movement of shoulders.

¨ Strengthen hand grasp and flexibility

The Arts

Movement & Dance

¨ Develop audience skills by observing performances

or artists at work in various aspects of the Arts.


¨ Sing a variety of songs within children*s vocal range,

Independently and with others. Sing expressively.

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